How to Create a Free Website you ask?

Learn more about how to create a free website“Website builders are the perfect place to start building your own website. Especially if you are a beginner or just need to get a page up and running in a few minutes.”

The voluntary team at “How to Create a Free Website” has created Reviews of the most Popular Website Builders.

We are currently testing world leading Website Builders like:

How to create a free website with SimpleSiteSimpleSite – “One of the most user friendly website builders on the market. It has everything you need to create websites. Themes for hobbies, sports, social clubs and small businesses are available. There are many beautiful templates to chose from”

How to create a free website with WixWix – “One of the most advances builders in the – Easy to Use – category. It has everything from plugins to running a restaurant to ticket systems. While this is a great, cheap and user friendly solution for businesses, it might be  overwhelming for some”

The Easiest Way to Create a Website. Weebly.comWeebly – “This is also one of the most popular website builders for business purposes and experienced users. It has build in features like web-shop and formula designer. There is also an App store and embedded html support. Many business applications are available from third party vendors as well”

How to Create a Free Website with FreeWebsiteFreeWebsite – “A good and Easy to Use alternative”. A European builder that support some special features and drag and drop functionality.


The website builders are different in both price, usability and features. You can get a lot of help from reading our reviews here at “how to build your own free website”. You can go directly to our complete comparison matrix here. You can also use the resume below for a quick overview.

World Class Website Builders Compared
World Class Website Builders Compared

After reading our tests and reviews, you will be able to select a website builder that suites your purpose and price. (all have a free basic version)

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and in depth comparison of Website Builders. Our test groups provides quality feedback on popular Website Builders. Our focus is on the “Easy to use” builders that can be used by anyone with a computer or tablet. These reviews are not ment for web designers or programmers.

If you know of a website builder that we have not tested yet, please let us know using the contact formula and we will add it to our line of tests.

We are currently testing carefully and getting feedback from both children, adults and businesses. This work takes some time and we apologies for the waiting time between published reviews. This site and its reviews are maintained by volunteers.

All the best Website Building Greetings from:

The “How to Create a Free Website” volunteer team.